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High-Performance Simulation On Top Courses

Golf is hard. You know that, we know that. Golf is especially difficult when you are unable to track your performance or play on courses that challenge your skills. Here at X-Golf Wexford, we provide an indoor solution that satisfies both of those needs. Our top of the line simulators can measure many aspects of each and every shot you take, while the screen provides beautiful courses that most only dream of playing.

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X-Golf prides itself on accuracy, experience and realism.

The R&D department of X-Golf has spent over 15 years designing, developing, and redesigning the most advanced high-speed cameras, lasers, optical and impact sensors that can measure the accuracy and flight of a golf ball. This sensory technology, combined with a high-performance CPU and strong rendering 3D physical engine help create the world’s most accurate range of golf simulators.

This new and unique technology measures not only the motion vector of the golf ball but also the movement of the golf club, such as path, angle of attack, trajectory and velocity. This allows us to perfectly replicate the golf ball’s flight laws of physics (draw, fade, hook, and slice). This is very exciting technology, as there is only a few short feet to gather this information before the ball has already hit the screen. It does not stop there, with the impact sensor measuring fat or thin shots, tops or chunks, and all of the factors that can go wrong when playing on a traditional course.

All of this combined information that is gathered in less than a second is the information needed to know how to adjust and perfect your swing. Previously, you would have to monitor your shots on the range or course on your own and judge your corrections based on where the shot actually went. While that may work in some scenarios, there are so many components that go into a good shot that you may spend hours or more trying to fix an issue that wasn’t causing the issue.

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Unparalleled Accuracy and Realism

Our technology is unmatched, and we want you to see for yourself what we mean. To experience the best indoor golf experience in the Wexford area, please contact us, and book your next indoor golf outing with X-Golf Wexford!

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