Do you have an upcoming event and are stuck in the planning stages, trying to figure out exactly where it should take place? No matter if you are throwing a large event or just a small get-together, the venue could be a deciding factor if the event is a hit or not. You want to make sure that you choose a location that has something for everybody. XGolf in Wexford has the perfect solution for you! Find out more about why our indoor golf and entertainment facility is the best place to have an event! If you would like to know more or are looking to book a time, then please feel free to contact us today. Or, better yet, come visit us and play a round to see what we are all about. 

No Need to Worry About the Weather

When winter rears its ugly head here in Pittsburg, you can almost hear golfers everywhere let out a collective groan. Saying the winters here are cold is a huge understatement. The frigid temperatures make golfing a near impossibility during these months. In the past, this meant that unless you were one of the lucky ones that were able to travel to warmer climates to golf, you had to hang up your golfing shoes for the time being. But this isn’t the case anymore! XGolf is here to prevent your game from getting rusty. No matter what the weather is like outside, you can still come by to get some swings in.

This is great for special events as well! Sure, the idea of having a get together outdoors sounds like a nice plan, but even during the summer our weather can be pretty unpredictable and if a storm suddenly hits, you’ll be scrambling to figure out a plan B. No need to worry about that when you have your event at our virtual golf center! The temperature will be ideal for all of your guests while they mingle and have a great time.

Fun For Everybody

We know what you’re thinking, and even though it’s likely that not everyone in your group will be a golfer, that doesn’t mean that you should start looking into other venues! We are proud to say that many of our customers have never even been on a fairway, but love coming to hang out at our facility. We have a variety of games that can be played, a putting area, and a variety of TVs around the area. People of all ages will be able to enjoy the party.

Food and Drinks

You can’t throw an event without having delicious food and drinks for the attendees to enjoy! We’ve got you covered! We have our full bar with drink specials in addition to a full menu with bar eats to choose from, but that’s not all! Especially if you’re throwing a large event, you are going to want to have more than just bar food, that’s why we get catered food from favorite restaurants in the area. Make sure that you ask us about our packages to see what deals we are currently offering. 

Friendly Competition

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of friendly competition. Especially if you want to show that one coworker that always talks up their game that you are able to beat them on the links. If it’s more of a family type of event or a gathering with friends, then make why not make the games interesting by having a contest to see who has the longest drive or who can get closest to the pin?

Perfect for All Events

Here at XGolf, we have hosted a variety of events/parties. These include birthday parties, corporate events, family reunions, fantasy drafts, family and school reunions, and so much more. We do our best to cater to each and every event that is thrown at our indoor golf facility and will make sure that your event is memorable, no matter the occasion.

Work On Your Game

If there is one thing that every golfer can agree on, it’s that you will never be the perfect player. While the game is simple in theory, all of our games could use a little bit of tweaking, no matter how many years you’ve been golfing. So when you have your event with us, you will get a little extra practice time to work on your swing. If you really want to impress your guests, we also have a PGA professional that can help provide you with some pointers. Our golf simulators also utilize their advanced technology in order to track your club speed, trajectory, spin, impact point and more. Using video analysis, you can see your swing in slow motion or even compared to other players.

So what are you waiting for? Make sure that you contact our virtual golf center in Wexford today to reserve your time. Whether you are looking to rent one golf simulator or book the entire facility, we can get it done! We can’t wait to see you and help you throw the best event of the year.