All work and no play makes us, well, bored and frustrated. It has been found that the average person spends about a third of their life at work. That’s an estimated 90,000 hours! While this statistic is quite depressing, the fact of the matter is, we all have bills to pay and food to buy! Work is just a part of adult life, but you need to make sure to balance it out with some fun, even with your coworkers. That’s why it is so important for businesses to host events that get their employees together outside of their workspace, where they can relax and have a good time. It significantly helps with morale. 

However, choosing the venue is incredibly important. If you choose a dull place with no activities for people to enjoy or less than satisfying food and drinks, people are either not going to attend or will be checking their watches the entire time waiting for the opportunity to leave. XGolf is here to save your party! We are proud to offer businesses our indoor golf center in Wexford as the perfect venue for corporate events. In this blog post, we’ll bring up some tips to throw the best party and a few reasons why you should go ahead and book a few pods with us! If you have any questions for us, please feel free to give us a call, or come on in to check out our golf simulators today.

Food and Drinks

Let’s be real, if there aren’t any food or drink options, it’s not a party. Your employees need something tasty to chow down on in between swings, and alcoholic beverages have become a staple for office parties (we serve non-alcoholic drinks as well!). If you fail to lock down a venue with food and drinks, or choose options that are subpar, you’ll see people leaving almost as soon as they arrive. We not only have a full-service bar and great bartenders as well as great bar food, but we also offer a variety of catering options so that you can get food from some of the best restaurants around. Trust us, your employees’ taste buds will not be disappointed. 

Golf and Business

Golf and business have nearly always had a relationship. Whether it is convincing clients to sign a deal, welcoming a new partner, or just bringing an employee out to show that you are grateful for their hard work, golf is always a great activity to choose. So it only makes sense to throw your party at our indoor golf facility! The only thing that we recommend is that you don’t think or even talk about work while you have your event. This is a time for you and your employees to have fun!


We feel like this shouldn’t even be brought up, but the golden rule when it comes to corporate parties is that it should not be at your place of work! Everyone already spends enough time there as it is! Sure, pizza parties are acceptable during a work day, but when you really want to have a celebration, it is so important to have it somewhere that is not associated with your business. We’ve got a suggestion for you: host here at XGolf!

Change It Up

If you’ve been having the same party (especially around the holidays) year after year, it’s likely that your employees aren’t exactly thrilled for the event since they know exactly what to expect. It is always good to switch things up! We highly doubt that any of your workers will guess that the next party is at XGolf, and will be thrilled when they find out.


One big mistake is not giving the attendees activities that they can partake in. If there are no games or competitions in place, it’s quickly going to become a gathering of people awkwardly standing trying to figure out what they should talk about next. This isn’t fun for anyone! While we guarantee there will be some fun conversations taking place when you have your event at our virtual golf center, people won’t be pressured to partake the entire night. Instead, they’ll be able to go take a swing on one of the best courses in the world! It’s a win-win!

Friendly Staff

Even with our state-of-the-art golf simulators, games, and food and drink options, you wouldn’t have a great time if our staff didn’t go above and beyond to make sure that your group is happy and having a blast. Every member of our team is dedicated to the satisfaction of all of our guests, so no matter what you may need, be sure to just ask!

More Than Golf

We fully understand that not everyone is into golfing. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of your workforce has never even swung a club before. That’s totally okay! First of all, it’s not like going to an actual course when playing with more experienced golfers just feels awkward and hitting your ball over and over is frustrating and tiring. Here, it can be all about fun! It doesn’t matter if you are a first-timer or have been golfing for decades, everyone can have a good time. If there are employees that are truly opposed to swinging a club, they’ll still have plenty of activities to enjoy including shuffleboard, foosball, and more!

If we haven’t convinced you to book your event by now, then we urge you to come visit our indoor golf center in Wexford to see what we are all about! We promise you that your employees will have a great time at the party and that they’ll request that you do the same thing for the next event! We can hold up to 125 people if the size of your group was of any concern. Contact us today to book a time or if you would like any further information!